Professional Mobile Pet Grooming

A professional one to one mobile grooming service for dogs, cats and other small animals within the comfort of your own home.



Hello my name is Sammy, and I established Princess and the Pawpurr in 2013 after six years of salon grooming I decided it was time to take a different approach to pet grooming. I didn't like the way pets had to be worked with in salons. The big scary cage dryers, noisy blaster dryers, waiting in cages all day, rush, rush, rush, It just wasn't for me. I wanted to be more involved with each individual pet, and owner. So I decided to become mobile, and by doing this I can offer a one to one experience that no other service can offer.I am a highly qualified animal expert, with a city and guilds in dog grooming, higher diploma in animal behaviour and psycology, animal first aid trained, and work experience in kennels, catterys, Dudley zoo and veterinary pratices. I devote a lot of time into research in animal nutrition and behaviour and offer all of this advice and knowledge to my clients and their pets.

Why choose a mobile service?

Our pets are part of our family and we want the best for them, people choose a mobile grooming service for many different reasons. Animals can become stressed due to:

Car journeys
Being around other animals
Having a timid or nervous disposition
New environments
Being in travel boxes
Being in a salon all day long
Cats generally aren't happy in a salon full of dogs

Mobile grooming eliminates all of the above and offers the ultimate one-to-one grooming experience without you having to step foot out of your home. You have the added comfort of having a front row seat if you wish and your pet is relaxed within a familiar environment. My mobile service cannot be compared by price or quality to any grooming salon, my time is dedicated solely to your pet for the entire experience (usually taking between 60 - 120 mintues depending on your requirements). Grooming salons have a conveyer belt like process in which pets are often subjected to being stuck in a kennel throughout the day whilst awaiting the next grooming process. They are put into dangerous cage dryers to save time in a busy salon. shampoo quality is low, and they are diluted resulting in a less effective bath, and equipment isn't always disinfected and cleaned as regularly as it should be. I have witnessed all of the above from working in many salons and wanted to create a service that was based around the welfare of the animal and its enjoyment of the experience. This then ensures they feel calm and at ease and are finished to absolute perfection. Please take a look at the relevant information for your type of pet or please call for an appointment, I look forward to hearing from you!